Coming to an End

It is hard to believe that in a little more than 2 weeks we will be returning back to the US for the foreseeable future. On one hand I am excited and on the other hand I am sad.

Last night was the Titchie Talent Night and I was reminded why I will miss this place. We so many of our kids perform using the gifts that God has given them. We have so much talent that will continue to grow and mature and be used to praise our Lord. The hearts of the kids was genuine and a blessing to many of us. Our 4th grade kids did a play based on Little Red Riding Hood, but Little Red Riding Hood rewrote her play before she was eaten and then thought about the other stories out there that needed to be rewritten. In the end she found out the problem with rewriting things and sent them back to their normal endings, but it was a good reminder that God has a plan for everyone of us. We may want to rewrite what He has planned for us, but His plan is better for us than our plan. We do not see the consequences of our plan until the end and than it is too late. If we stick with His plan than we will be ok. There may be some bumps in the road along the road still gets us to where we need to go and that is Heaven.

These past 2 weeks have been quite busy with packing, getting projects done and starting new projects. We are getting a lot of packing done. We have 8 pieces of luggage packed, weighed and ready to go. We keep finding things that need to come back with us, but we still have 7 pieces of luggage to pack. The hardest thing is to pack up your things, but still keep living at the same time. I am getting a bunch of old projects done, but also starting some new ones that will keep going once I leave. Grateful that we have some national staff who understand what we are doing and will be able to keep things going.

Hippo Safari in Lake Naivasha

Yesterday we had the privilege of going on a hippo safari with Naomi’s Village orphans and a group from Love Africa. This is the first time our family and dorm kids have been on something like this and it was so much fun! We left here around 7 am and got to Naomi’s Village around 7:30. We were hoping to be on the way soon thereafter, but the bus would not start. We ended up pulling the bus to a hill not far away and then they jump started the bus. We ended up in Naivasha around 8:30 am and had breakfast with all of the kids. We had chai/tea/juice, an egg and toast (there definition of toast is a full sandwich of bread with butter and jam on it and cut diagonally).

Eating breakfast.

Eating breakfast.

We left there around 9:15 and headed to the shores of Lake Naivasha. We passed a lot of the flower farms on the way so the boys were able to see quite a bit of the country they have not before. We got to boat around 9:30 and started to get into groups to get into the boats. It ended up that most of the kids went with Angela and I had just Ethan.

The boys in one of the boats.

The boys in one of the boats.

We toured the lake looking for the hippos and saw about 8. We also saw a lot other animals that were on land. We were able to see giraffe, zebra, eyeland, antelope, wildebeest and many different birds. It reminded me again of the creativity of our God.

The ladies all ready.

The ladies all ready.

After the boat ride we had some time waiting for some people so the boys joined in a game of soccer with the kids from Naomi’s village. It was fun to see that and also play with them! After the soccer game we headed back to Naomi’s village where we ate lunch with the kids and then headed back up the hill to RVA. We were hoping to spend some more time playing with the kids, but it suddenly got cloudy and rained very hard. We wanted to get back to RVA before the road became impassable, but as we got closer found that it had not rained there. Oh well. We look forward to taking our kids back down more often for lots of fun. If you want to see more pictures check our pictures page. There are a ton there or will be. 🙂

Playing soccer with the others.

Playing soccer with the others.

Less than 2 weeks

Well in less than 2 weeks we will be sending our dorm boys home for a month. We have had such a great first term with them. They are a great group of guys, but we are ready for a break! It is hard to put into words how tired we get. We do not really understand why we are so tired, but by 8:30 each night we are ready to crash and hit the sack. We are normally in bed by 10:00 at the latest. This is much earlier than the high school dorm parents.

Would you be praying for our dorm boys as they head home that they would be able to spend quality time with there parents and be able to make some memories that will last them a life time. The boys are here at RVA 9 months out of the year so they spend a little over 3 months with there parents.

Please also pray for us as we will have a busy month off. Angela’s sister and husband will be coming to visit us the first 2 weeks of December and I have alot of work to do with computer related items. We are going to be moving one of our main wiring closets and that will mean alot of rewiring and work. It will be worth it in the long run, but will take a lot of time. It will really clean things up. I also have a bunch of audio things to do in one of the buildings.

This past weekend we had one of our boys father with us. We asked him how things were going and he said they were going pretty good, but that they were dealing with a lot of spiritual warfare. I believe there is much more spiritual warfare going on than what we think. Many years ago I read several of Frank Peretti’s books that deal with spiritual warfare and they gave a very graphic idea of what it might be like. I imagine if we could see what is going around RVA and the world we would be amazed and awed at how God is protecting us and many others. Please be in prayer as many of us deal with spiritual warfare on a daily basis. Just after SEW (spiritual emphasis week) it seemed as if we were attacked by sickness and several things. It took us a little while to work thru it, but we are slowly getting back to where we were.


What a week this has been. Ethan was sick at the beginning of the week for about 10 hours and then one of our dorms kids was sick the same night. They both had the stomach flu around 3 in the morning, but were better by 8 am in morning. It was quite interesting and tiring. The next day I started to have abdominal issues and for the next 24 hours I was stomach issues. As this was going I started to have nasal drainage and cold issues. They have continued on to get worse and worse. Last night I had a nose that kept draining down my throat and did not allow me much sleep and at the same night Ethan developed another stomach flu. He is slowly getting better and slowly I am to, but I am sure tired. Angela was feeling pretty good this week until today when she started to have abdominal issues again. She has tried to take today easy, but it was parent day at RVA and she had a bunch of ESL students to work with. We are so looking forward to getting a little bit of rest this weekend.

This week has felt like we were being attacked the prince of this world. We know that we battle not this world, but the principalities of this world. We would really covet your prayers.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mothers Day to all our mom’s out there. Especially to mama Saunders and mama Boyce!

Today we celebrated Mother’s Day with the Titchie Musical. Our Titchie 5th and 6th graders put on a 45 minute musical about Moses. They did a great job and Erica sang a solo on the last number and did a great job! We are so proud of her! She had been sick all week with a fever so we were not sure she was going to be able to be in it. Darilyn did a great job with the kids! Our Mother’s Day gift to Angela was eating out at the cafo. She also had a pretty easy day and relaxed quite a bit.

This week has been good, but very tiring. We had homeschoolers from all over the continent here getting testing and spending time in classrooms. Angela arranged all the housing. Jeff has been sick with a cold/sinus infection for the past 5 or so days and that made the musical interesting. I seem to be getting better, but it is still hanging around.  The hard part is being all plugged up.

This past 2 weeks we have had over 8 inches of rain and over the past month or so we have had over 15″ of rain. One day we received 4″ of rain. Needless to say things are quite saturated. We have even had several landslides and one that is threatening our main road out of Kijabe. Pray with us that we would have some sun along with all of this rain. The crops are being washed away and it is really stressing out our Kenyan friends.